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What to Do if You See a Brown Patch in Your Yard

What to Do if You See a Brown Patch in Your Yard

No one wants to walk out and see a brown patch developing in their lawn, especially when they have invested a lot of money into making sure their grass looks green and healthy.

There are many reasons why your lawn could have a brown patch, including fungal disease, improper watering, or insect infestation. If you live in central Iowa areas such as Des Moines, West Des Moines, or Ankeny, then take a look to see what could be causing your lawn’s brown patch.

Fungal Diseases Can Cause Brown Patches, Dead Grass

Brown patch disease has attacked this lawn in Ankeny.

Many fungal diseases can spring up under moist conditions and spread quickly. One common disease is actually called brown patch disease. It begins to form at temperatures in the 60s but really begins to show once temperatures climb into the 80s. The patches show up as circular brown areas with an outer darker brown ring.

The patches can be just a few inches or several feet wide, and the affected grass ends up dying. Preventing these diseases requires regular fertilizer treatments along with making sure your lawn is being watered at proper times. If these don’t work, then your lawn will need fungicide treatments applied to it to control this disease.

Improper Watering Leads to Imbalance of Grass Growth

When irrigation systems aren’t set up with the correct zones and timing, it can cause some areas of your lawn to not get the water they need to grow. If your grass isn’t getting the right amount of water, it can ...

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What Happens to Your Lawn Mower Without Regular Service

What Happens to Your Lawn Mower Without Regular Service

All machines need regular maintenance to function properly--and your mower is no exception! Without regular service, your mower can sustain damage and eventually break down.

It’s important to have your mower serviced annually. Our Sharp-N-Lube service offers homeowners a painless way to keep their mowers running smooth and performing well.

Mowers Suffer Engine Damage Without Regular Service

Without regular service, your mower will suffer just like a neglected car. Most manufacturers recommend an oil change at the beginning of every growing season. If left unchanged, oil breaks down and fails to provide proper lubrication, leading to damage and even failure. Dirt and debris can appear inside the oil itself, which can damage internal parts.

An oil change will clear out the used oil and replace it, offering better lubrication and protection.

It’s also recommended to avoid fuel with ethanol because it can gum up your mower’s carburetor. Search for gas stations that sell ethanol free fuel. A good starting point is at a marina or other locations where boats fuel up. You can also use an additive that dissolves ethanol if you can’t find any gas without it.

Mower Blades Need Regular Sharpening to Cut Properly & Avoid Lawn Disease

This lawn mower has received our services in Ankeny.

When mower blades become dull, they won’t cut properly. Instead, they will tear the grass blades. A rough cut will cause your lawn to be susceptible to plant disease, which can spread...

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What Services Must Be Done to Ensure Your Lawn Succeeds in 2019

What Services Must Be Done to Ensure Your Lawn Succeeds in 2019

In Central Iowa, we see all kinds of weather during the year, from snowy mornings to blazing summer afternoons.

Through all of that, your lawn and plants are exposed to extreme weather changes as well as other threats like weeds and insects. That’s why you need an expert crew like A+ Lawn & Landscape who knows the area and can help you cultivate a lawn that will stay healthy and vibrant all year long.

When Your Lawn Should Be Fertilized

Fertilizer helps to fortify your grass and plants while providing the nutrients they need to thrive. Having a regular fertilizer schedule gives your lawn a chance to be as healthy as possible.

It’s recommended to have your soil tested in order to determine which nutrients are lacking and then have someone create a fertilizer based off of those results.

During the year, we provide six treatments with custom-blended fertilizer. For optimal health, these treatments should start around early spring and continue every 5-7 weeks through October.

Every lawn is different and requires different blends of nutrients--that’s why custom blended fertilizer is essential!

Why Weed Control Is Important

One of the biggest threats to your lawn’s health is weeds. Weeds are pesky and steal those much-needed nutrients from your grass and plants. By using pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control, we can work to help your lawn stay virtually yard-free.

Weed control treatments should begin in early spring with a...

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