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Rock Installation Service in & Around Des Moines, West Des Moines & Ankeny, IA

Our team uses top-quality river rocks that come in various colors!

Your landscape beds are stunning features on your property, but you can elevate their aesthetics while protecting your plants by installing a rock ground cover. At A+ Lawn & Landscape, we install rock ground coverings to keep your landscape beds in optimum shape year-round! Our team offers top-quality river rocks that come in various colors, and we can help you pick the perfect one for your property!

When we install rocks, we do it by hand. This ensures the installation process is done with precision so that your landscape beds and plants can maximize the benefits it provides. To get the best result for your property, it's best to schedule this service every year so we can freshen up your rocks and keep your landscape beds looking their best. We offer our rock installation service to homes, businesses, and HOAs in Des Moines, West Des Moines, Ankeny, IA, and nearby areas.

We offer river rocks in various colors that you can choose from for your landscape beds.

River rock installed in landscape in Clive, IA.

Here at A+ Lawn & Landscape, we make sure that we use top-quality products for our services, and our rock installation service is no exception. When you partner with us, our team will invigorate the aesthetics of your landscape beds using river rocks. River rocks come in various colors, and we can help you choose which one best suits your style and preferences! With the right color, your plants will stand out and your landscape beds will become a great focal point on your property.

Our Team Installs Rock Ground Coverings By Hand

When we install your rock ground cover, you can trust that our crew won't do it mindlessly. Our installation process involves spreading the rocks in your landscape beds by hand to ensure precision. We'll also use the right amount so that they're evenly covered while making sure it's at the ideal thickness. This is very important because if the rock ground covering is too thick, it will inhibit proper airflow and prevent other nutrients from reaching the soil, essentially suffocating your plants. We also don't want to install a thin layer because then it won't provide all the intended benefits. Fortunately, you can breathe easy knowing that this won't happen with us, as we'll do it just right so your plants can thrive.

How often should you replenish your rock ground cover?

One of the top reasons why many property owners take advantage of rock ground coverings is that they don't decompose over time. However, rocks can still be displaced due to the elements and lose their color. If you want your landscape beds to consistently look sharp and beautiful, you'll want to schedule our rock installation service every year. Refreshing your rock ground cover annually will also ensure that your plants can reap the maximum benefits!

We have been keeping landscapes beautiful with our rock installations since 1988.

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Whether you want the practical benefits of a rock ground cover or the eye-catching, rustic aesthetic they can add to your property, we've got you covered. Our team at A+ Lawn & Landscape offers our rock installation service to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Des Moines, West Des Moines, Ankeny, IA, and nearby areas.

With our skills and experience, you can count on our team to give you the best bang for your buck! Revitalize your landscape beds today by calling us at (515) 289-2020 to sign up for our rock installation service.

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