Fertilization is very important to a strong, healthy lawn. While most people focus on fertilizing their lawn in the spring and summer, many are surprised to learn that fall is actually the best and most important time of year to fertilize your lawn.

Fall fertilizer treatments strengthen your lawn’s foundation by providing it with fuel to survive the cold winter months. This boost in nutrition helps sustain your lawn and encourages faster recovery after dormancy. Here is how fall fertilizer treatments benefit your lawn in Des Moines, West Des Moines, Ankeny, and the surrounding areas.

Fall’s Cooler Temperatures Help Your Lawn Absorb Nutrients

Fall fertilizer helps grass absorb better nutrients, like this grass in West Des Moines, IA.

Fall is the by far the most important time of year to fertilize your lawn. Fertilizing in spring and summer promotes growth and renewal, but fall fertilization provides your lawn with all the nutrients it needs to survive the winter. Along with cooler temperatures, autumn brings more moisture which is needed for optimum nutrient absorption. More nutrient absorption is paramount to sustaining your lawn throughout the winter and ensuring it has the energy reserves needed to return strong and vibrant in the spring.

Fertilizing in Fall Prepares Your Lawn for the Winter

Fall fertilizer, also known as winterizer, does not encourage growth like its spring and summer counterparts, but rather provides food for your lawn’s dormancy cycle. Winterizer provides food and nutrients for your lawn so it can store these as fuel for later use throughout the winter. Before entering dormancy, your lawn goes through a phase in which it stores as much food and fuel as possible and converts this into energy reserves that it can access during the cold winter months to sustain itself. Without a winterizer, your lawn starves and has a much harder time bouncing back out of its dormant state.

Fall is the best time to fertilize your lawn as it provides your lawn with everything it needs to survive the winter and grow in green and strong when spring returns.

Winterizer Promotes Faster Recovery After Dormancy

When your lawn first emerges from its dormant state, it requires a boost of fuel to grow green and strong. Fertilizing in spring provides your lawn with this much-needed boost of energy. A fall fertilizer, however, ensures your lawn has adequate energy to fuel it throughout the winter until it awakens again in spring. Winterizers help your lawn transition smoothly from dormancy to an active growing state. It’s always important to choose fall fertilizers that are rich in potassium to help your grass roots grow strong and deep and quickly absorb nutrients for a quick recovery.

Fall Fertilization Promotes a Greener, Healthier Lawn

A healthy, green lawn in Ankeny, IA.

Winterizer sets up a strong foundation for your lawn once the spring returns. A stronger foundation leads to a greener, healthier lawn in spring. Fall fertilization starts your lawn off on the right foot once it returns in spring, by providing it with food to stay strong and healthy while dormant. If your grass starts off the growing season in peak condition, it’s more likely to remain strong and healthy throughout the entire growing season and rest of the year. Because your lawn can recover faster, it tends to green up much sooner in the season than a lawn that has not been fertilized in autumn.

Prepare your lawn for winter with our fall fertilization treatments!

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