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Preventative Mole & Vole Treatments in Des Moines, IA, & Nearby Cities

Our company offers the option of a repellant, baiting, or environment modification treatment to remove moles and voles from your yard. 

You thought you got rid of them but you stepped outside and saw three more burrows spread out across your lawn. Not to mention, you just replanted your garden and the roots and leaves of your plants have already been chewed up. Moles and voles are a lawn's worst enemy because of the sheer havoc they're able to wreak on lawns. They may be hidden, but we have the solutions to make them come out and never want to enter your lawn again!

Our treatment options suit every client's comfort level. If you would like a mild or less invasive treatment, we can perform an environmental modification service on your lawn. For a more direct approach, we can administer repellant and bait across your lawn. Reach out to one of our team members to have your Des Moines, West Des Moines, or Ankeny, IA property serviced today!

The Difference Between Moles & Voles

A mole in dirt next to a vole on grass.

Although they are very similar, it's important to know the difference between moles and voles so that you can understand how each treatment works. The best way to determine whether you're dealing with a mole or vole is to see whether the rodent has ears or not. Moles don't have visible ears and mostly feed on worms, bugs, and insects.

Voles on the other hand resemble mice and prefer to eat plants, garden vegetation, and roots. Both cause distressing damage to your property, either underground or in your garden. We offer solutions that will repel both moles and voles from your lawn. 

Moles and voles are most active in the spring because their food sources are more readily available in the warmer months. We offer treatments in early spring to prevent these rodents from damaging your lawn.

Repellant & Bait Treatments

  • Repellants come in both natural and chemical forms. The most effective natural rodent treatment is the use of a granular castor oil-based repellant. Castor oil has been known to deter moles and voles because of its powerful and offensive odor. Chemical-based treatments are usually in liquid form and contain insecticides to remove moles' food source of bugs and insects from your yard. 
  • Moles create burrows underground while looking for bugs and worms to feed on. When baiting moles, we spread a feed that's made to mimic their food source in both shape and feel. This bait usually exterminates the mole within 12-24 hours of a single bait feeding. Our team members know to place the bait at the entrance of active runways throughout your lawn.

Preventative Environmental Modification 

Trenching: To protect vegetable gardens, our team can create a barrier by constructing a deep trench around the perimeter of the garden to make it difficult for these rodents to reach your plants. We can also install wire mesh fencing around it for extra protection.

Raised Planter Beds: We can install raised planter beds on your property to our your landscape and garden plants out of reach of voles. This habitat modification will eliminate them from being able to chew and gnaw on your plants' roots and leaves. 

You can expect to see results within 5-7 days from the treatment date. We can apply another round of bait or repellant in the Fall to prevent these rodents from harboring in your lawn during the winter. 

Contact Our Team to Set Up a Treatment Service Today

We know you're frustrated with trying to handle your mole and vole problem on your own. Our experienced lawn experts are here to help! We know where these rodents hideout and how to deter them from burrowing in your lawn. Reach out to our team at (515) 289-2020 to have your Des Moines, West Des Moines, Ankeny, or Urbandale, IA property serviced today!