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We offer lawn and landscaping services to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Slater, IA.

Our professionals have been providing top-quality services since 1988.

Slater, IA, is a small community in Story County home to a little over 1,500 people. The downtown area features local restaurants and cozy community spaces where residents can socialize. Parks around the town, like Earl Grimm Park and Southside Park, are great places to spend relaxing afternoons with friends.

Here at A+ Lawn & Landscape, we provide comprehensive lawn and landscaping services for commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Slater, IA. We have been offering these services since 1988, helping homeowners and business owners achieve landscapes that they can be proud of. From expert lawn care and maintenance to reliable design and build and irrigation services, look no further than our professionals!

Enjoy a vibrant landscape and outdoor oasis on your property with our design and build services.

Landscape in Slater, IA, with rocks, planter beds, shrubs, and flowers.

Our team offers a wide array of design and build services that will take care of everything you need to make the outdoor space on your property more beautiful. We will work with you to create the design of your landscape, making sure everything is according to your preferences and will meet your needs. If you want to add softscape or hardscaping elements, our crew will expertly incorporate them into your property in a way that blends smoothly so nothing looks out of place. Check out all the design and build services we offer in Slater, IA:

We offer additional services like holiday lighting and commercial snow removal and deicing!

Our lawn care and maintenance services promote strong and manicured lawns.

Healthy, green grass and a mulched landscape bed.

Maintaining a healthy and lush lawn can take a lot of work, but we're here to handle the job so you don't have to lift a finger. We offer lawn care and maintenance services that focus on supporting the health of your grass in Slater, IA, and ensuring it looks perfectly manicured throughout the growing season. Our experts will handle tasks such as fertilizing your lawn, removing weeds, aerating, and tackling stressors like diseases and insects. Not only that but we'll also handle other maintenance tasks like keeping weeds out of your landscape beds and maintaining the pristine condition of your plants! Browse through our complete list of lawn care and maintenance services below:

We offer a sharp-n-lube service that will ensure your lawn mower is well-maintained for efficient operation year-round.

Help your plants thrive with our tree and shrub care services.

Lush trees, shrubs, and flowers on a landscape in Slater, IA.

Our team offers tree and shrub care services that will provide your plants in Slater, IA, with everything they need to thrive throughout the growing season! We'll feed them with nutrient-packed fertilizer treatments from March/April until November to ensure your trees and shrubs have enough nutrients as they are growing actively. You can also count on our disease and insect control treatments to protect your plants from damage.

We offer pest control services to keep pests from invading your property.

Mole emerging from a tunnel on a lawn in Slater, IA.

Our pest control services will provide effective protection for your property against a wide range of creepy crawlers. We'll create a protective barrier around your home or business in Slater, IA, to block pests from entering, making sure we regularly reapply our treatments so your building is never without cover. Our crew also provides time-tested treatments against harmful pests like mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and more. Here are all the pest control services we offer:

Our Irrigation Services Include Installation, Startups, Repairs & More

Damaged pipe on an irrigation system and a water puddle in Slater, IA.

We offer essential irrigation services that include setting up an irrigation system on your property in Slater, IA, and handling all maintenance work to keep it working properly. Our experts design and install irrigation systems that are tailored to the needs of the vegetation on your property. We also specialize in winterizing, getting irrigation systems up in the spring, and performing repairs to ensure they work correctly to keep your plants hydrated.

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Our team at A+ Lawn & Landscape offers lawn and landscaping services to commercial and residential property owners, as well as HOAs, in Slater, IA. Our services come with specific warranties, so you can be confident that our crew will not leave you hanging and will address any issue! Give us a call today at (515) 289-2020 to sign up for any of our services.