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Lawn insect control is offered to property owners in Des Moines, Ankeny, and nearby areas of central Iowa.

Eliminate insects that kill off your grass such as sod webworms, aphids, chinch bugs, and more.

An aphid rests on grass on a Des Moines, IA property.

Seeing a mysterious brown patch show up in your lawn is always disconcerting, but it's usually easy to determine the cause. Many times, dead or dying grass is caused by problematic lawn insects that feed on various parts of the grass blade and roots.

Our lawn insect control helps to eliminate insects like chinch bugs, aphids, sod webworms, and more. We provide lawn insect control services to central Iowa properties in Des Moines, Ankeny, West Des Moines, and nearby communities.

Lawn Insects Eat Grass Blades & Roots

Keeping certain insects away from your lawn is crucial to your grass' overall health. These insects will attack your grass and if their invasion isn't controlled, they will often destroy an entire lawn. Our company treats lawns for problem pests like:

  • Sod webworms: These worms are actually larvae of the sod webworm moth. When the larvae hatch around April or early May, they then begin to feed on grass stems. Early signs of their presence in a lawn are tiny brown spots that may appear to be scalped or cut close to the ground. If they are allowed to continue to grow, those brown patches become larger. Eventually, the entire lawn may end up dying off especially in the heat of summer. To fight off these pests, we apply treatments in early spring to prevent their lawn damage.
  • Chinch bugs: The peak season for chinch bugs is usually between June and July. They feed on the grass by draining the moisture from it, similar to how a mosquito bites. Their damage shows up as brown patches in the grass that look like they need to be watered. Without proper treatment, a chinch bug invasion will destroy a lawn in about three weeks or so. Our treatments remove this threat to your lawn.
  • Aphids: In small numbers, aphids aren't a concern, but when their number grows, they can cause lawn damage. These insects emit something called honeydew and in large amounts, this causes mold to form around the grass. Aphids can also cause yellowing of grass and stunt its growth. Applying a treatment for aphids will prevent this damage and control their population.
  • Grubs: White grubs hatch and begin to eat your grass roots, causing the grass to die. We offer grub control treatments to help keep these beetle larvae away from your grass.

If you're not certain what's caused your lawn damage, our lawn care experts will evaluate your situation and help create a treatment plan.

Are you concerned about lawn insects attacking your grass? Call us to come help.

With decades of lawn care experience, we have the knowledge necessary to help you with any concerns you may have about lawn insects. We'll help you get rid of them and stop them from attacking your grass. Give us a call today at (515) 777-7846 to learn more!