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What Happens to Your Lawn Mower Without Regular Service

What Happens to Your Lawn Mower Without Regular Service

All machines need regular maintenance to function properly--and your mower is no exception! Without regular service, your mower can sustain damage and eventually break down.

It’s important to have your mower serviced annually. Our Sharp-N-Lube service offers homeowners a painless way to keep their mowers running smooth and performing well.

Mowers Suffer Engine Damage Without Regular Service

Without regular service, your mower will suffer just like a neglected car. Most manufacturers recommend an oil change at the beginning of every growing season. If left unchanged, oil breaks down and fails to provide proper lubrication, leading to damage and even failure. Dirt and debris can appear inside the oil itself, which can damage internal parts.

An oil change will clear out the used oil and replace it, offering better lubrication and protection.

It’s also recommended to avoid fuel with ethanol because it can gum up your mower’s carburetor. Search for gas stations that sell ethanol free fuel. A good starting point is at a marina or other locations where boats fuel up. You can also use an additive that dissolves ethanol if you can’t find any gas without it.

Mower Blades Need Regular Sharpening to Cut Properly & Avoid Lawn Disease

This lawn mower has received our services in Ankeny.

When mower blades become dull, they won’t cut properly. Instead, they will tear the grass blades. A rough cut will cause your lawn to be susceptible to plant disease, which can spread...

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Sharp-N-Lube Mobile Mower Service

Sharp-N-Lube Mobile Mower Service

We know it's still cold out, but the mowing season is just around the corner. Is your mower ready? One of the keys to a thick and healthy lawn is to have your blades sharpened. This will also keep the chances of lawn getting a disease or fungus at a minimum.

It is recommended to have your blades sharpened and balanced every 15-20 hours of mowing. Sharp and balanced blades provide a more even cut ensuring a healthier turf grass plant. Our Sharp-N-Lube Mobile Mower Service can come to your home and provide this service to you along with our "12 Point standard service" which includes the following: cleaning the engine, changing the oil, checking the tires, greasing the wheels, cleaning upper and lower decks, checking the spark plugs, and cleaning the air filter just to name a few. We provide this service for walk-behind mowers as well as riding mowers.

Call our office today @ (515) 289-2020 to get you mower scheduled as the dates are filling up fast.

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