All machines need regular maintenance to function properly--and your mower is no exception! Without regular service, your mower can sustain damage and eventually break down.

It’s important to have your mower serviced annually. Our Sharp-N-Lube service offers homeowners a painless way to keep their mowers running smooth and performing well.

Mowers Suffer Engine Damage Without Regular Service

Without regular service, your mower will suffer just like a neglected car. Most manufacturers recommend an oil change at the beginning of every growing season. If left unchanged, oil breaks down and fails to provide proper lubrication, leading to damage and even failure. Dirt and debris can appear inside the oil itself, which can damage internal parts.

An oil change will clear out the used oil and replace it, offering better lubrication and protection.

It’s also recommended to avoid fuel with ethanol because it can gum up your mower’s carburetor. Search for gas stations that sell ethanol free fuel. A good starting point is at a marina or other locations where boats fuel up. You can also use an additive that dissolves ethanol if you can’t find any gas without it.

Mower Blades Need Regular Sharpening to Cut Properly & Avoid Lawn Disease

This lawn mower has received our services in Ankeny.

When mower blades become dull, they won’t cut properly. Instead, they will tear the grass blades. A rough cut will cause your lawn to be susceptible to plant disease, which can spread and eventually destroy your grass and plants. A nice, sharp blade makes a clean cut to preserve the health of your grass. Plus, it looks much better!

Bad Spark Plugs Prevent Mower from Starting, Debris Under Deck Can Jam Blades

Another critical maintenance point is to ensure spark plugs are functioning. Without good plugs, your mower cannot function. The spark provides an electric pulse which allows combustion to take place inside your engine. A bad plug can lead to a rough running motor, or cause it to die altogether.

Allowing too much debris to gather under your mowing deck can interfere with your blades, causing them to jam and shut down the motor. Many mowers have an automatic shutdown if too much resistance is met by the blades. The most common culprit is debris and grass stuck to the bottom of the deck, which prevents the blades from spinning freely and cutting properly.

Our Annual Sharp-n-Lube Service Covers Oil Changes, Blade Sharpening, & More

There is much more to mower maintenance than oil changes and sharpening. That’s why we created a useful service that covers a 12-point maintenance schedule.

Here is what you can expect from our sharp-n-lube service:

  • Engine Cleaning
  • Oil Change
  • Tire Pressure Check
  • Spark Plug Check
  • Air Filter Check
  • Deck Cleaning
  • Wheel Lubrication
  • Engine Lubrication
  • Balance, Straighten, and Sharpen Blades
  • Check Belts

Our system can help reduce downtime and keep your mowing functioning during the growing season. For more information, visit our Sharp-N-Lube page.

Call today for more information about regular service for your mower.

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