Are the landscape beds on your property here in Iowa in need of a pick-me-up? If so, here are 3 steps that you can take to totally transform your landscape beds this spring. First, you should trim the plants in your landscape beds to keep them looking healthy and beautifully manicured. Next, you should remove any debris and weeds that could potentially be harmful to your plants. Finally, you should replenish your mulch supply so that your landscape beds are covered and your plants are protected.

1. Trim the plants in your landscape beds.

A plant being trimmed by a gloved hand in Van Meter, IA.

The first step you should take to transform your landscape beds is trimming your plants. It is particularly important to trim your landscape bed plants in the spring so you can help to prepare them for the summer growing season ahead. Trimming your plants is also important in general because it keeps them looking neat, tidy, and beautifully shaped. After all, your landscape bed plants are typically the first thing that people notice when they look at your property, so you'll want to maintain their appearance. By trimming your plants this spring, you can keep your landscape beds looking beautiful and pristine.

2. Remove any debris and weeds in your landscape beds.

Our potential client in Indianola, IA pulling weeds from her lawn.

The second step you can take to transform your landscape beds is removing any debris and weeds. Excess debris like leaves and twigs can clutter up your landscape beds and make them look messy and unappealing. Weeds can do this as well, but they can also be harmful to your landscape bed plants; weeds tend to steal sunlight, water, and vital nutrients away from your plants and force them to compete for these essential resources. Keeping an eye out for landscape bed weeds is important in the spring because they will start growing more aggressively as the weather warms up. By removing excess debris and pesky weeds from your landscape beds this spring, you can help to keep your plants healthy and your landscape beds looking neat and clean.

3. Replenish your mulch supply.

Our landscape professional replenishing mulch on a property in Grimes, IA.

The final step you can take to transform your landscape beds is to freshen up your mulch supply. Replenishing your mulch is important because a mulch ground cover offers many benefits to your landscape bed plants. For example, putting a fresh layer of mulch over your landscape beds can help to keep your soil moist for longer. This is especially important to do in the spring because as the weather starts to get warmer, any water on your landscape beds will evaporate quicker. Another benefit that fresh mulch offers is soil temperature regulation; the layer of mulch acts as insulation to keep your soil as close as possible to the temperature range that promotes plant growth. Replenishing your mulch supply this spring is a great way to tidy up your landscape beds and keep your plants protected.

Some additional benefits of fresh mulch include soil erosion control and weed suppression.

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