Protect your Des Moines area property with winter lawn care services.

Winter is coming, and even though the grass has finally slowed down, your lawn could still use a little pre-winter care. Winterizing your lawn, especially in central Iowa where winter is hard on us, is especially important to create a thriving lawn when spring arrives.

Learn about the types of winterizing services that will keep your lawn in top shape and how to best prepare for the snowy season.

Leaf cleanup does more than making your yard look tidy.

Leaf cleanup and removal is a critical part of getting your lawn ready for winter. Leaves will accumulate and trap moisture from rain and snow, creating a thick barrier between the grass and the resources it needs to have healthy growth (sun, water, oxygen). Not only that, but this moist environment can cause other problems like:

Fall leaves being collected at a home in West Des Moines, IA.

  • Lawn fungus
  • Pests and insects
  • Mold and rot
  • Lackluster color

All of these issues can lead to your grass suffering through the winter and create long-term damages that may end up being expensive issues to fix.

Winterizing your lawn will get you ready for spring.

A winter fertilizer application helps your soil store food for the winter to encourage healthy root growth in the spring. In Iowa, late October-mid November is the ideal time for final fertilization.

Part of the winterization process should also include one final round of weed-pulling. If weeds are left to over-winter, it can encourage reseeding in the spring.

Other debris should also be cleared from the yard and landscaping beds. You’d be surprised just how much debris accumulates around your shrubs and other perennial beds.

Trimming and pruning perennials foster fuller growth for the spring.

Landscape shrubs trimmed before winter in Ankeny, IA.

Fall is the best time to trim back shrubs and other perennials. One reason why is that it can help them keep growing larger year after year, and if that’s not your goal, you’re going to have some unruly botanical life to deal with.

Perennials, when trimmed at the right time, will bounce back during the following grow season quickly. Trimming will also ensure no diseased or damaged branches weaken or kill the perennials.

Don’t forget about the irrigation system.

Winter gets pretty frosty, and if you don’t winterize your irrigation system, you run the risk of damaging it due to frozen water in the pipes. All water must be completely cleared out from the pipes before freezing temperatures arrive. Our company will normally perform winterization for your sprinklers between October and November.

The most efficient way to do this is a blowout using compressed air, and professional teams know how to handle this process best.

Are you prepared for winter? Call today to schedule a winterizing service.

In Des Moines, West Des Moines, and other areas of central Iowa, A+ Lawn & Landscape offers end-of-season lawn care in addition to our normal seasonal services. If you are thinking about leaf removal, fertilizing, or any other year-end services, call us today at (515) 289-2020 to schedule an appointment!