During the winter season, your lawn in Iowa goes dormant to preserve its energy and resources to survive this challenging time. Fortunately, winterizer treatments are just what you need to help it prepare and transition into dormancy in great shape! These treatments are fertilizers applied in late fall, which have a high concentration of nitrogen to promote root development and boost your turf's thickness to help it withstand any winter-related stress. Not only that, but winterizer treatments also help it green up and bounce back quicker in the spring!

What are winterizer treatments?

Winterizer treatments are a specific type of fertilizer applied in the late fall. These treatments are designed to provide your lawn in Iowa with the nutrients it needs to prepare for the winter season by making it better equipped to endure harsh weather conditions and freezing temperatures. That way, it can survive through dormancy and emerge the following growing season in the best possible shape.

The best time to apply a winterizer treatment is between mid-October and early December, as it'll give your lawn enough time to absorb the nutrients before dormancy.

What nutrients are found in winterizer treatments?

Winterizer treatments contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, three essential macronutrients your lawn in Iowa needs. However, they have a high concentration of nitrogen, as this nutrient is the most important for winterizing it. Nitrogen aids in chlorophyll production, thus boosting photosynthesis, which is when your lawn turns sunlight into energy to use as food. As a result, it bolsters its beautiful green color, strengthens the grass blades, encourages new, healthy growth, and increases its overall density.

Why should I apply a winterizer treatment to my lawn in Iowa?

A winterizer treatment is vital for helping your lawn in Iowa survive the winter season and ensuring it has everything it needs to endure the stressors that come with it. Here's how these treatments will do that:

  • Winterizer treatments will help your lawn develop deep roots: The roots are the foundation of your turf, so when it has deeper, more expansive systems, it improves its ability to absorb nutrients and water, plus makes it more resilient to stressors. That way, it stays at its healthiest throughout dormancy.
  • Winterizer treatments strengthen your lawn in preparation for winter: With a nitrogen-rich treatment, your grass can perform photosynthesis and produce more energy to store and use throughout the winter season.
  • Winterizer treatments help your lawn green up quicker in the spring: Since nitrogen encourages chlorophyll production, your turf will enter winter dormancy greener and thus green up faster come the following growing season. It'll also be healthier than if you were to skip this treatment, meaning it'll have an easier time bouncing back and returning to optimal shape in the spring.

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