All lawns with natural grass need water to thrive. Knowing the best way to water lawns in Iowa throughout the year will ensure that your grass maintains a steady, healthy growth cycle. Irrigation systems can reduce the time homeowners spend caring for their yards while ensuring that the grass receives the moisture it needs at the optimal times.

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When to Water Your Lawn throughout the Changing Seasons

In Iowa, property owners usually begin watering their lawns in the spring after the ground thaws. The watering schedule continues until the fall, right before the temperature drops enough to freeze the ground. When temperatures are well above 32 degrees consistently, you can prep your irrigation system for spring use. There’s no specific time to turn lawn sprinklers on in the spring, however, beginning the watering schedule too early can cause your system’s pipes to freeze and possibly burst.

How often should you be watering your lawn?

It’s best to water grass when the plants need moisture, which is about once every four to eight days. Instead of watering every day, you should water less frequently while ensuring that the ground receives at least an inch of water during every application. For standard sprinklers, an inch of water is about 20 minutes of use, while drip systems will take about 40 minutes to achieve the same amount.

Excessive watering can:

  • Waste water
  • Drown plant roots
  • Stress shallow roots
  • Encourage weed and fungal growths

When watering lawns, it’s better to do so early in the morning before noon to give the soil enough time to absorb the moisture and reach deep plant roots. This time frame also gives the plants time to take in water before the sun dries out the ground. If it rains for several days, adjust the irrigation schedule to avoid overwatering.

How to Maintain Irrigation Systems

A+ Lawn & Landscape team member addressing a sprinkler system issue for a homeowner in West Des Moines

Irrigation system maintenance is a must to ensure that the sprinkler heads and pipes can deliver the appropriate amount of water to the lawn. Before resuming your spring watering schedule after winter, it's important to hire a professional team like ours to inspect your system and make sure that everything is running smoothly. At a spring start-up checkup, our team will:

  • Inspect all system components for signs of damage, leaks, or clogs, including the pipes, connection points, and valves.
  • Make sure sprinkler heads are at the right height and direction and are without any damage or cracks.
  • Check lawns for standing water, which could indicate a leak.
  • Test the water pressure.

A+ Lawn & Landscape offers irrigation installation, maintenance, and repair services. With over three decades of experience handling various types of irrigation systems, we can expertly inspect, repair, and maintain your system to keep your sprinklers working like new.

Watering Tips & Guidelines for Your Irrigation System

When using your irrigation system, you should regularly check the watering restrictions in your area because they may change. Your location’s watering schedule may differ from fall to spring, depending on rainfall and water conservation efforts.

Other lawn tips for Iowans are:

  • Be sure to repair irrigation systems to prevent water waste from leaks.
  • Don’t lay sod from the beginning of July until the end of August because the hot temperatures are not ideal for establishing a new root system. The new sod will need daily watering, which is not suitable for central Iowa.
  • Install sensors for in-ground irrigation systems to initiate an automatic shutoff when rainfall is sufficient.

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