During the winter season here in Iowa, your lawn goes dormant to preserve its energy and survive the cold weather. However, as spring arrives, it's time for it to wake up! You can help it prepare for the new growing season by lightly raking and mowing before it needs it. You'll also want to cut it shorter for the first mow and bag the grass clippings afterward to clean it up. Finally, you'll want to water it heavily to encourage growth and quick green-up. Continue reading to learn more about how to help wake up your lawn in the spring!

1. Lightly rake your lawn in the spring to help wake it up.

Raking lawn to break up thatch in a lawn in Ankeny, IA.

One way to help wake up your lawn in the spring is by lightly raking it. Raking will aid in breaking up any thatch that built up over the winter, allowing fresh air to reach the soil and circulate down to the roots. It will also help to remove any dead grass to make way for new growth.

2. Mow your lawn before it needs it to help stimulate spring growth.

Our client in Clive, IA mowing his lawn in order to get ready for spring.

Another tip for waking up your lawn in the spring is to mow before it needs it. It can take some time for the grass to grow after being dormant. So, cutting it before it fully wakes up will stimulate growth and even help it green up sooner. That way, your lawn can have a jumpstart into the new growing season, and you can boast a beautiful, verdant lawn before anyone else!

3. Cut your lawn shorter for the first spring mow so that sunlight can warm up the soil.

A mower in a lawn in Des Moines, IA.

When you mow your lawn for the first time in the spring, you'll want to cut it shorter than usual. This will allow more sunlight to reach the soil and warm it up quicker, which is especially important following the cold winter weather. What's more, when the soil is warmer, it can encourage new grass to sprout sooner, leading to a fuller, thicker lawn in no time.

4. Bag your grass clippings after the first spring mow to clean up your lawn.

Grass clippings in a lawn from being mowed in Urbandale, IA.

It's understandable to want your lawn to look great in the spring, as it's likely been covered in snow and hasn't had a chance to shine in a while. Because of this, you can bag your grass clippings after mowing for the first time; this will clean up your lawn and make it look pristine.

You'll want to leave the grass clippings on your lawn after mowing for the rest of the year, as they release nutrients back into the soil as they break down.

5. Heavily water your lawn in the spring to encourage growth and quick green-up.

Our client in Dallas Center watering his own lawn in the beginning of spring.

Heavily watering your lawn is another way to help it wake up in the spring! After all, water is an essential resource your turf needs to thrive, and it'll likely need replenishment after the winter. So, not only will this warm up the soil, but it'll also hydrate it and the roots of your grass. When the roots receive a heavy, deep watering, it'll encourage grass growth and a quicker green-up, bringing it back to life sooner!

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