Trees and shrubs are often overlooked parts of a landscape, despite adding great value and beauty. Because of the environmental stressors from the previous season here in Iowa, spring is the perfect time to show your trees and shrubs some much-needed TLC with a root-feeding fertilization treatment. What makes spring the opportune time to do this is that your landscaping plants will need the boost to heal from winter and prepare themselves for the upcoming heat of summer. While there are other methods to fertilize, root-feeding is the most effective tactic since the nutrients are delivered directly to the roots. Once you nourish your trees and shrubs in the spring, they won't need a reapplication of fertilizer until fall! With spring root-feeding fertilization under your belt, your trees and shrubs will be well on their way to thriving all year long.

Spring is a great time for root-feeding fertilization because it'll foster winter recovery and summer preparation.

You'll be starting the new year off right with scheduling a root-feeding fertilization treatment in spring for your trees and shrubs! Spring is the opportune time to do this since your landscaping plants will be recovering from winter stress. Winter stress can affect flower production, disease resistance, and overall plant health, so the sooner your plants bounce back from this, the better! They'll also need the extra boost to prepare for the upcoming heat of summer, which can be another source of stress for your trees and shrubs. By giving them the root-feeding fertilization boost in spring, it's like a two-for-one deal since you'll be springboarding winter recovery as well as summer preparation!

Root-feeding fertilizer delivers nutrients directly to the roots of your plants.

Professional applying fertilizer to roof of tree in Urbandale, IA.

Fertilizer comes in many shapes and sizes, and while it's always great to nourish your trees and shrubs with extra nutrients, there's no doubt that root-feeding is the most effective tactic. Root-feeding will pump those essential nutrients directly to the roots of your plants so that they can absorb every ounce of benefit. With the increased nutrient uptake, this treatment will restore the health and vigor of your trees and shrubs so they can get back to being their best selves after winter!

The nutrients from root-feeding fertilizer aren't just great for recovery – they'll also encourage healthy growth in your trees and shrubs!

After spring root-feeding fertilization, you won't need to reapply until fall.

Once you fertilize your trees and shrubs in spring, you can cross it off your list until fall! They'll be set up for success all through summer so you can sit back and relax. Come fall, they'll have depleted those nutrients to withstand the summer heat, so it'll be time to rejuvenate their nutrient stores again. This is doubly beneficial since you'll also be bolstering their health ahead of winter when cold stress is going to try and knock them down a few pegs. With both spring and fall root-feeding fertilizations, you're covering all ends of the most stressful times of year for your trees and shrubs to ensure that they have as smooth a ride as possible throughout the seasons!

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Healthy trees after fertilizer treatment by A+ professionals in Des Moines, IA.

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