Sometimes, your soil may need a little extra TLC to improve its health to keep your grass growing strong. Soil restoration services like aeration and overseeding help improve the overall quality of your turf. If you live in the Des Moines, IA, area and are looking to improve your soil's health, then you're in luck! Cities across the Des Moines metro area are partially reimbursing residents who get this service done for their lawns. To get reimbursed, residents need to get pre-approved by the city before scheduling their lawn care services. Keep reading to learn more about this fantastic opportunity!

What is soil restoration and what will it do for your lawn?

Soil restoration is a service that will increase the health and vitality of your lawn. It typically includes:

  • Aeration: Aeration loosens up compacted soil to make sure vital resources like water, air, and sunlight can reach the roots of your grass so it grows strong and healthy.
  • Overseeding: Overseeding fills in any bare or patchy spots on your lawn with new, healthy grass.
  • Top dressing: Compost is often used for top dressing to help seedlings establish their roots, give the grass and seeds a boost of nutrients, and improve soil quality.

Soil restoration has several benefits for your turf. Your soil’s overall health will improve significantly, leading to healthier grass and a beautiful lawn. The roots of your grass will be denser, which helps anchor them to the soil, and your grass will be able to better take in the nutrients from fertilizer. Not only that, but soil restoration will improve your soil’s water-holding capacity and prevent runoff from entering streams and other waterways.

Cities across the Des Moines metro area are reimbursing you for scheduling a soil restoration service.

Are you interested in restoring your soil’s health? Then, you’re in luck! Cities in the Des Moines metro area have been given the funding to cover most of the cost of this service for their residents. If you schedule a soil restoration service for your property, you could qualify for a reimbursement. Many of these programs can cover between 50% and 75% of the cost of this service, so you don’t want to miss out!

Cities this program is being offered to include Ankeny, Johnston, Pleasant Hill, Waukee, Polk City, and more!

What are the steps to apply for soil restoration reimbursement?

To receive reimbursement for your soil restoration project, you'll need to apply for pre-approval from your city. If you’re interested in getting started with your city’s soil restoration project, just follow these 4 steps!

  • Step 1 - Research your city’s funding program. Every city’s program is a little bit different, so be sure to check your city's eligibility requirements before submitting a formal application.
  • Step 2 - Get an estimate from a lawn care company. Local landscaping businesses offer various soil restoration services, so you should contact your local lawn care professionals to get an estimate for the services on your property.
  • Step 3 - Fill out an application. Every city has its own application to apply for funding, so be sure to review the application requirements and fill out the paperwork to get started on your soil restoration project.
  • Step 4 - Submit your application to the city’s program manager. Once you’re done with your application, be sure to submit it to your city’s program manager. The city program manager will answer any additional questions you may have and notify you when your project is approved.

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