Your lawn needs nutrients throughout the year to stay healthy and vibrant, which is where fertilizers come in. However, the key ingredient these treatments should have for the fall is nitrogen. Nitrogen is one of the three essential macronutrients, which aids in chlorophyll production, giving your grass its beautiful green color and promoting healthy, strong, dense growth. Applying a nitrogen-rich fertilizer treatment in the fall will help prepare your lawn in Iowa for winter dormancy, plus encourage a quicker green-up in the spring. The best way to ensure everything is done right is to hire pros to fertilize your turf.

What does nitrogen do for your lawn?

Nitrogen is one of the three essential macronutrients your lawn needs. This nutrient promotes chlorophyll production, which gives your grass its vibrant green color and aids in photosynthesis. With more chlorophyll, it can convert more sunlight into energy, using it to yield healthy, strong, dense growth. Nitrogen also stimulates deep, robust root development, bolstering your turf's foundation and increasing its overall vigor.

Why should you use a fall fertilizer rich in nitrogen?

Nitrogen is vital to the health of your lawn, which is why you should use a fall fertilizer rich in this nutrient. After all, nitrogen plays a crucial role in preparing it for the upcoming winter. Here's how it does:

  • A nitrogen-rich fall fertilizer will help strengthen your grass so that it can withstand the cold temperatures. It also makes it thicker, giving it better defenses against winter-related stressors.
  • Nitrogen promotes deeper root growth, giving your lawn a better chance of surviving winter dormancy. A robust root system helps store more water and nutrients, allowing it to feed off those resources throughout the season.
  • A fall fertilizer rich in nitrogen helps your lawn bounce back quickly in the spring and green up sooner than if it didn't receive this treatment.

The best time to apply a nitrogen-rich fertilizer treatment is in the late fall, between mid-October and early December.

Hire Pros to Fertilize Your Lawn This Fall to Ensure the Best Results

While nitrogen is the key ingredient in fall fertilizers, it isn't the only nutrient your lawn needs during this season. So, to ensure the best results, you should hire pros to fertilize your lawn this fall. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to know what it needs, so they'll apply high-quality treatments with the correct amount of nutrients, including nitrogen, to help get it at its best before it goes dormant for the winter. They also know how much to use to avoid overfertilizing your grass and when to apply it so it has enough time to absorb the nutrients. With pros, you can rest assured that it'll receive what it needs this fall to help it survive winter and flourish come spring.

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