Moles and voles are two common lawn pests that can be found here in Iowa. Though their names are similar, they are actually quite different. Moles are small mammals with large claws that will burrow under your lawn to hunt for grubs and other insects underground. As they search for food, they'll end up damaging the root system of your turf. Voles, on the other hand, are small rodents that create shallow runways on your lawn as they feed on the roots of your grass and plants. Whether you're dealing with moles or voles, the best way to get rid of them is by reaching out to a pest control professional. These professionals will be able to correctly identify which critter is damaging your lawn and use the appropriate method to evict them from your property!

What are moles, and what kind of damage do they cause?

A mole crawling out from ground tunnel in Indianola, IA.

Moles are ground-dwelling mammals that live their entire lives underground. They are soft and have brown to grayish fur. If you spot one, you can quickly tell them apart from other small mammals because of its massive front paws. Moles will create unsightly tunnels and volcano-shaped mounds throughout your yard, making mowing and caring for your lawn difficult. They feed on grubs, worms, and other underground insects and can end up damaging your turf's roots and weakening your grass.

What are voles, and what kind of damage do they cause?

Vole found in property in Pleasant Hill, IA.

Voles are small, chestnut brown rodents that are seldom seen but are nonetheless common in Iowa. Voles establish underground nests and will dig tunnels to stay hidden from predators like hawks and owls as they feed on the roots of your grass. If you look out into your yard and notice runways of dead or damaged turf, you likely have a vole problem. In addition to damaging your grass, voles will feed on young trees and shrubs by gnawing on their bark and, in some cases, will completely remove the bark around the base of your trees.

Regular mowing can help control the vole population on your property because voles like to take refuge in tall grass to hide from predators.

Hire a professional pest control company to get rid of moles and voles.

If you notice small tunnels in your lawn, it's time to call the professionals to help eliminate the problem for you. Since it's hard to spot a mole or vole, and the damage they do is similar, it's sometimes hard to know which pest you're up against. However, a professional pest control company will assess your lawn and identify which creature is damaging your turf. Once they've pinpointed what pest you're dealing with, they can then use the appropriate treatment.

Many pest control companies administer treatments such as repellents and baits to get rid of moles and voles. They'll either use natural or chemical-based repellants to deter moles and voles. The bait they use will often mimic the mole's food source and can generally eliminate them within a day.

Lawn care services like fertilization treatments can help your lawn recover from mole or vole damage!

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