Having healthy trees in your yard is a great way to elevate your curb appeal. Many of their bright and colorful leaves make a great addition to any landscape. But just like other plants and grass, they also require nutrients to thrive. By fertilizing your trees throughout the year, you'll be supplying them with the nutrients that they need to flourish and they'll be prepared for the dramatic shifts in weather. In Iowa, it's also important to fertilize your trees to boost their resistance to the handful of pests and diseases that can cause damage to them.

Tree fertilizer will protect your trees against the ever-changing weather.

The winter and summer seasons can be rough on your trees. Just like grass and flowers, trees can succumb to the fluctuating weather we experience here in Iowa. To help your trees get through these higher stress periods of the year, you want to ensure they have a sufficient amount of nutrients to stay strong enough and protect themselves from the ever-changing weather. By fertilizing your trees, you can provide them with the nutrients that they need to handle the changes in weather.

Fertilize your trees in late fall or early spring while they are dormant, so the nutrients can stimulate their growth during the growing seasons!

Tree fertilizer will give your trees an extra boost in nutrients to fight diseases and pests.

Japanese beetle eating away at tree leaf in Adel, IA.

Another reason to fertilize your trees is to give them a boost in nutrients to build their resistance to diseases and insects. In Iowa, there are common pests and diseases you need to watch out for that target your trees and can inflict serious damage to them. Some of the insects you can prepare your trees for are gypsy moths, Japanese beetles, and emerald ash borers. Meanwhile, diseases such as oak wilt, canker disease, and fire blight can severely damage or outright kill your trees.

To effectively fight these pests and diseases, you need to arm your trees with nutrients like potassium. Potassium is an important nutrient because it assists your trees with utilizing starches and proteins in your soil to boost their disease resistance. It also strengthens your trees to help them successfully recover from any damage done by insects targeting them. Fertilizing your tree can save you money in the long run since you may not have to spend money on nursing your trees back to health, or in the worst-case scenario, removing any trees from your property.

Fertilizing your trees will increase your curb appeal!

Green tree leaves after being fertilized in Urbandale, IA.

While fertilizing your trees provides numerous health benefits, the nutrients fertilizer provides can also help your trees remain vibrantly green. Your trees need nutrients to grow properly, and nutrients like nitrogen are what give your trees their rich, green color. You also want your trees to have enough phosphorus so their leaves stay thick and lush. A healthy tree on your property does wonders for your curb appeal!

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Trees are an integral part of any property that can bring your yard to life! That's why you should give them the nutrients they need to tackle diseases, pests, drastic weather changes, and anything else that comes their way. At A+ Lawn & Landscape, our team of experts will fertilize your dormant trees in late fall and early spring by using soil injections to give them the nutrients they need to help them grow strong and healthy. We service commercial and residential properties in Des Moines, and surrounding cities like West Des Moines and Ankeny in Iowa. Give us a call at (515) 289-2020 to schedule our tree fertilization service!