The sight of spiders crawling around inside your home is enough to send chills down your spine. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent spiders from becoming too comfortable in your home in Iowa. First, you need to keep your inside space clean and reduce clutter because they use things like cardboard boxes, clothes, and newspapers to hide. Second, clean up any crumbs and keep your food stored properly to minimize pests in your home that spiders feed on. The third, and probably the most effective, is to sign up for a professional perimeter pest control service. Professionals use effective pesticide treatments to create a barrier that spiders cannot penetrate, preventing them from gaining entry into your home.

Cleaning and reducing clutter inside your home can eliminate places where spiders hide.

Spiders like clutter because it provides them with hiding spots. Things like cardboard boxes, piles of clothes, and old newspapers provide these eight-legged critters with nooks and crannies to nestle and get comfortable. They also like dusty and undisturbed areas like under your bed and behind other furniture because they can lay their eggs there and ensure they'll remain untouched. Regularly cleaning inside your home and reducing clutter will eliminate areas where spiders can hide. Without a place to tuck away, your home will become uninviting to spiders, and they'll eventually go away.

Don't leave food out and clean up any messes to avoid attracting pests that spiders eat.

Aside from having a safe place to hide, spiders are more likely to stay in your home if they have an abundant food supply there. These arachnids feed on tiny insects like ants, flies, and cockroaches. While they are not attracted to the food you consume, these other pests are, which subsequently encourages spiders to find their way inside, too. Cleaning up messes like crumbs and liquid spills will minimize pests in your home, which means taking away a spider's food source. You should also store your food properly to prevent insects from accessing them and lingering in your inside space. Without accessible food sources, you keep pests out of your home and rid spiders of their meal.

Keep your pet's food in sealed containers, as that can attract pests that spiders feed on.

Sign up for a perimeter pest control service for long-lasting protection against spiders.

A clean, clutter-free home will go a long way in keeping spiders away, but the most effective way to keep these creepy crawlers from making your inside space their home is to sign up for a perimeter pest control service. Pest control professionals are equipped with treatments that are proven to work against spiders and adept with the best practices in application techniques to ensure you have long-lasting protection against these pests. They know how to administer their treatments to effectively create a barrier around your home that spiders cannot penetrate. What's more, they know that a one-and-done application is not enough to deter spiders for the rest of the year, so they'll visit your property regularly to reapply their treatments. This way, you can rest assured that your home has consistent and overlapping protection against spiders.

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