It is essential to fertilize your lawn at the right time in the spring to avoid wasting your time and money. You should wait until the ground is entirely thawed before applying fertilizer, which usually happens in mid-March or April here in Iowa. If you apply fertilizer too early, it won't be able to penetrate the soil, and it might run off into nearby waterways. That is why it is best to hire professionals who can determine the perfect time to apply fertilizer. They also know which type of fertilizer to use that will contain the necessary ingredients that your turf needs.

Fertilizer treatments won't be absorbed if the ground is frozen.

Lawn that is still frozen.

If you apply fertilizer too early in spring, your lawn may not be ready for it yet. When you do this, it likely hasn't thawed out from the winter season and any snow that covered it. The problem with applying a fertilizer treatment during these conditions is that it won't be absorbed by the soil but instead sit on top of it. Not only does this render the fertilizer ineffective, but it also poses environmental concerns as the unabsorbed nutrients can be washed away through rain or irrigation systems and runoff into nearby bodies of water. This results in nutrient pollution affecting aquatic ecosystems and vegetation!

Your grass needs to be actively growing again before being fertilized.

The best time to fertilize your lawn is when it starts actively growing again after the harsh weather conditions of winter. It's important to wait until the soil warms up so that the roots of your grass are able to absorb the nutrients. A good way to test whether your grass is ready to receive fertilizer is to take a screwdriver and push it into the ground. If you can't easily insert the screwdriver more than an inch, your turf isn't thawed enough for a fertilizer treatment.

In addition to checking for signs of active growth, look at how quickly your grass blades emerge from their winter slumber. If they seem slow to sprout from dormancy or aren't reaching their full height, it might be best to give them some extra time before applying fertilizer. By waiting until your lawn begins to green up, you can be sure that all the necessary conditions are met to support the development of new growth.

In Iowa, early spring fertilization treatments can usually start in mid-March or April.

Hire professionals to fertilize your lawn.

To ensure that your lawn gets the right amount of nutrients at the right time to foster healthy growth in the spring, it is highly recommended that you hire professional lawn care experts. Professionals will be able to look at your lawn and determine if it's ready to receive the first spring fertilizer treatment of the year. When you hire professionals to fertilize your lawn, you can rest easy knowing that when they fo apply their first treatment of the year, it won't go to waste and your turf will benefit from it!

A great way to keep your lawn healthy is to combine fertilization treatments with weed control!

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