Fertilizing your lawn can help keep your grass looking vibrant and green, even during some of the higher stress periods of the year like summer. However, applying fertilizer without proper weed control is a waste of money. For example, in Iowa you risk helping weeds like crabgrass and dandelions grow and infest your lawn by providing them with the nutrients they need to grow, too. On the other hand, if you apply weed control without a fertilizer treatment, you'll eliminate weeds from your lawn, but your grass will be deprived of the essential nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy. In both scenarios, you’re not giving your lawn what it needs to succeed. This is why it’s important to sign up for a professional lawn care program. You want your lawn to receive both weed control treatments and fertilizer treatments at the same time to thrive!

Using Fertilizer Without Weed Control

Strong white clover weeds stealing nutrients from lawn in Urbandale, IA.

When you use fertilizer without weed control, you end up inadvertently supplying nutrients to any weeds in your soil. They will use these nutrients to mature and spread across your lawn when proper treatment isn’t being administered. This means that you will end up with a lot of weeds on your lawn that are healthy and strong, and these weeds can compete with your grass for nutrients and space. Therefore, it's important to combine weed control alongside fertilizer to ensure those essential nutrients are only going to your grass.

Using Weed Control Without Fertilizer

Weakened lawn due to lack of nutrients in Clive, IA.

Conversely, using weed control without any type of fertilizer isn't much better. Yes, you are now able to control weeds and keep them from stealing nutrients and resources from your grass. However, your grass will not be receiving the nutrients it needs to grow strong. The nutrients found in fertilizer will strengthen your grass, so it's better equipped to fight off those pests and diseases, resulting in a more lush and green lawn overall. You also want a strong lawn that's ready to tackle the different temperature changes during the year. Fertilizer can help prepare your lawn for the drought and cold seasons, and it can help your grass recover from those dramatic temperature changes when the growing season starts.

Use a slow-release granular fertilizer alongside weed control to supply your grass with a steady supply of nutrients over time!

Professional lawn care programs combine fertilizer with weed control to give your lawn what it needs.

Signing up for a professional lawn care program will ensure your lawn is getting both weed control and fertilizer treatments to thrive. A professional lawn care company will have a variety of different tools and resources to tackle any situation. Depending on the time of year and the state of your lawn, they can determine exactly what your lawn needs. For example, they can assess your lawn and figure out whether it needs either pre-emergent or post-emergent weed control treatment, or if you need a specific type of fertilizer like a nitrogen-based one or a starter fertilizer to get your lawn growing.

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Lawn fertilization and weed control work together to ensure your grass gets the nutrients it needs to thrive without having to worry about those pesky weeds stealing any for themselves. At A+ Lawn & Landscape, our team combines six different liquid weed-control treatments with granular fertilizer treatments to ensure you end up with a healthy, green lawn throughout the year. We make sure both treatments are applied at the same time for the best results. We service commercial and residential properties in Des Moines, IA, and surrounding cities like West Des Moines and Ankeny. Give us a call today at (515) 777-7846 to sign up for our lawn fertilization and weed control program!