If you're looking for ways to improve the health and vigor of your turf this spring in Iowa, scheduling an aeration service can do the job. Aeration involves pulling tiny plugs of soil from the ground to loosen compacted soil and allow the roots of your grass to access more nutrients and resources like water, air, and sunlight, which will help it revive itself after winter dormancy. Additionally, aeration equips your turf with the strength to fight off lawn diseases and insects. Spring aeration is also important to help prepare your lawn for the stressful summer season ahead. Keep reading to learn more about why you shouldn't skip out on aerating your lawn this spring!

Aeration helps the roots of your grass access more nutrients and resources.

Aerator machine in lawn in Polk City, IA.

During the winter season, the weight of the snow presses down on your lawn and can cause soil compaction. When spring arrives and the snow melts, you are left with hard, compacted soil that inhibits nutrients from getting down to the roots of your grass. This can negatively impact your lawn as it is trying to revive itself from winter dormancy. Aerating your lawn in the spring will loosen compacted soil to help the roots of your grass absorb more nutrients and other resources. This ensures that your lawn is as strong as possible to quickly bounce back from winter dormancy.

Aeration also boosts lawn fertilization treatments. In a crucial time such as the spring, you'll want your grass to maximize the nutrients that fertilizer provides so it can begin the new season in excellent health.

It's best to aerate your lawn at least once a year to ensure your lawn constantly receives much-needed nutrients from the soil.

Aerating in the spring strengthens your lawn so it can protect itself from lawn insects and diseases.

Lawn disease found in client's lawn in Van Meter, IA.

Even healthy lawns can get impacted by lawn diseases and insects. The best way to protect your grass is to strengthen it so that it is better able to resist diseases and insects that can damage your lawn. You can reinforce the health of your grass by aerating it in the spring, so it can take in crucial nutrients that will bolster its health and increase its resiliency against stressors.

Aeration also breaks down thatch. Thick thatch accumulating on your lawn can harbor fungi that cause diseases. Some lawn insects also like to hide in the thatch layer of your turf. By aerating your turf to remove thatch, you're ridding lawn diseases and insects of an area that they love.

Spring Aeration Prepares Your Lawn for the Summer Season

The summer season is one of the most stressful times for your lawn. That's because the cool-season grass that we have here in Iowa struggles in hot weather. The best way to help prepare your lawn for the summer is by aerating it in the spring so that it will have access to the resources and nutrients that it needs to withstand the heat. When your lawn has access to these nutrients and resources, it will be able to develop deeper and stronger roots, so your turf will be better equipped to survive the stressful summer season!

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