Emerald ash borers are tiny pests that can cause extensive damage to your ash trees if left to their own devices. In the Des Moines, IA area, they're most active in the summer, and their larvae can cause significant damage as they feed beneath the bark of your tree. The best way to stop an infestation is to administer a trunk injection to eliminate the larvae burrowed beneath your tree bark. You should hire professionals to apply treatments not only because they have products proven to eliminate infestations but they can also recommend ways to help your trees recover. Keep reading to learn more about emerald ash borers and how you can protect your ash trees from them!

What are emerald ash borers, and what kind of damage can they cause?

Emerald ash borer insect on tree in Bondurant, IA.

Emerald ash borers are small metallic-green beetles that attack and kill ash trees. Adults are active from May to September, with peak activity happening in June or July. However, it's not the adults you should be watching out for because they only cause a small amount of damage to your tree's foliage. It's the larvae that hatch around this time that can cause significant damage to your trees. The larvae burrow beneath the tree bark and start feeding. What happens is they disrupt the flow of water and nutrients in the tree, which causes the canopy to thin and branches to die. The larvae can spend up to two years eating away at your trees! If you notice any signs of emerald ash borer damage, reach out to a professional lawn and landscaping company to treat your trees right away!

How do you stop an emerald ash borer infestation?

Tree injection being done to cure from emerald ash borer damage in Ankeny, IA.

The best way to stop an emerald ash borer infestation is by administering a tree injection. When applying a tree injection, a small hole is made into the trunk so the treatment can make its way inside. The product will target the emerald ash borers underneath the bark, munching away at your tree. Eventually, the product will flow to the rest of the tree to stop the infestation and disrupt the emerald ash borer's life cycle, which will help prevent future infestations.

It's recommended to reapply trunk injections every two years so your trees can always remain protected from emerald ash borers.

Hire a lawn and landscaping company to take care of emerald ash borers for you.

Don't try to handle emerald ash borers on your own! Hire professionals to handle the job for you instead! Professional lawn and landscaping companies will utilize a treatment proven to be effective against emerald ash borers. You want to reach out to them as soon as you notice any signs of emerald ash borers damaging your trees, so they can put a stop to them before any further damage occurs. If your trees are injured, a professional lawn care company can work with you to nurse them back to health. Some companies can administer tree fertilization treatments to help your trees recover from the damage these pests have caused.

Protect your ash trees from this pest! Call us to schedule our emerald ash borer treatment!

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