Many property owners in Iowa know that lawn fertilization is a crucial aspect of lawn care. It nourishes your grass with vital nutrients that boost its health and maintain its lush, green color. To ensure your lawn remains in optimum condition throughout the year, you need to fertilize it regularly. That means treating your turf in the spring, summer, and fall. Lawn fertilization in the spring helps your turf emerge from winter dormancy and prepare for the summer season, while treatments in the summer bolster your lawn's health during a stressful season. Fall fertilization is also important as it allows your grass to recover from the summer and get ready for the harsh winter season. Keep reading to learn more about why you need to fertilize your turf regularly.

Fertilizing your lawn in the spring helps your lawn transition from the winter and prepare for the summer.

Snow over lawn in Clive, IA.

Winters in Iowa are harsh, and your lawn can take a heavy beating from it. As spring sets in, your turf will emerge from winter dormancy and will need all the nutrients it can get so it can successfully enter the new growing season in excellent health. Fertilizing in the spring gives your grass a jumpstart to transition from winter into the spring! That's because lawn fertilizers provide nutrients that stimulate root growth and help your turf green up quickly.

Spring is also a crucial time for your lawn as it starts preparing for the stressful summer season. Because lawn fertilizers help your grass develop strong and deep roots, your turf can absorb and retain more water and nutrients. These nutrients will help equip your lawn with the strength to face the summer.

Fertilize your lawn in the summer to help it withstand the heat.

Lawn with sun glaring from above in Des Moines, IA.

Iowa has cool-season grass, which struggles the most during the summer heat. Without support, the heat can take a toll on your grass, and it will start turning brown and drying out. The best way to maintain your lawn's healthy and lush growth is by treating it with lawn fertilizers. These treatments provide essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that nourish and strengthen your lawn to help it endure the heat. Keeping your grass consistently fed with nutrients will help it resist drought and retain its green color. Fortifying your lawn's health in the summer also enables it to also fight off lawn diseases and insects.

Fertilize your lawn in the fall to help it recover from the summer and prepare it for the winter.

As your grass recuperates from the summer stress, applying lawn fertilizers in the fall will help it recover quicker. Fall fertilizer treatments also prepare your grass for the harsh winter season. Before your turf goes into winter dormancy, it will undergo a preparation phase first. During this phase, your lawn will absorb as many nutrients as possible so that it will have enough of them to last throughout winter dormancy. You can replenish the nutrients in the soil through lawn fertilization treatments to ensure your grass can survive the freezing temperatures! Your grass will also shift its focus from growing grass blades to developing stronger roots that will help your lawn endure the winter.

Slow-release fertilizer is perfect for the fall season because it will supply your lawn with a steady stream of nutrients throughout the winter season.

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