Your landscape beds are focal points on your property in Iowa, and adding plants will enhance their curb appeal even more! However, you'll want to consider a few things to ensure you choose plants that will thrive and look best. First, you should consider the soil conditions of your landscape beds to opt for those that will grow well. Second, you'll want to consider sun exposure to choose plants that flourish in the specific amount they'll be exposed to throughout the day. Third, you should think about your desired color scheme so that you pick ones that complement each other and their placement to create a cohesive look.

1. Soil Conditions

The first thing you need to consider when adding plants to your landscape beds is the soil conditions. After all, different plants do better in varying types of soils and conditions, such as good drainage, sandy, or clay. So, you will want to determine what your landscape beds have and choose those that will grow best. For example, if you have sandy soil, you should add plants that prefer lighter, more well-drained conditions. On the other hand, if your landscape beds have clay soil, you may want to choose those that require better moisture retention and nutrient-rich conditions.

Your tolerance for maintenance is a crucial factor to consider when adding plants to your landscape beds to ensure you don't have to do more work than you want.

2. Sun Exposure

Another factor to consider when adding plants to your landscape beds is how much sun exposure they receive. The type of plants you choose for your landscape beds should be able to tolerate the amount of sunlight they will be exposed to throughout the day. Some plants prefer full sun, while others may only need partial or mostly shade. By considering the amount of this resource your landscape beds receive, you can ensure that the plants you add will flourish and stay at their best!

3. Color Scheme

One of the best ways to improve the aesthetic appeal of your landscape beds is by adding plants with colorful blooms. When selecting plants for your landscape beds, you should consider whether you want them to be bright and vibrant, plus your desired color scheme. That way, you can opt for those with complementing colors. You should also think about their placement so you can arrange them in a way that gives your landscape beds a cohesive look.

Some common plants you can add to your landscape beds in Iowa include daylilies, black-eyed Susans, yarrows, Shasta daisies, and more!

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