Does your lawn look slightly grayish or dull? If that’s the case, then it needs more water and that’s its way of showing it. Even if a lawn is well-fertilized, mowed properly, and treated for pests, there are still other factors that can affect the health of your grass.

One of these factors is how your lawn is watered. By installing a proper irrigation system, you can create a better quality lawn while saving money on your water bill. Here are three reasons why having a proper irrigation system in place is essential.

#1: Conserve Water and Save on Your Water Bill

Many homeowners are overwatering their lawns and don’t even know it. By using too much water, you can end up wasting it and spending more on your water bill.

An average lawn only needs around one inch of water a week, according to The Lawn Institute.

Water requirements do vary by grass type and season, as well as wind and shade factors. Another factor when watering a lawn is timing. It’s considered best to not try to water a lawn in the heat of the day, as water will evaporate much more quickly at that point. Watering in the morning is best as it’s cooler.

When you have a proper irrigation system installed by certified contractors like A+ Lawn & Landscape, you can feel safe knowing that your lawn is getting the right amount of water it needs. We take into account all variables when we design your irrigation system.

#2: Avoid Uneven Growth & Standing Water

Our newest irrigation client in Des Moines has seen a vast improvement with their lawn.

When you consistently water your lawn with the right amount of water, it can grow and flourish into that perfect lawn you want to see.

A well-designed irrigation system will divide your yard up into zones where the homeowner can select which zones to water and when to water them. If a good irrigation system isn’t in place, the lawn could see uneven growth and even have standing water in some areas, which creates a breeding ground for insects like mosquitoes.

#3: Properly Installed Irrigation Systems Are Convenient

Without a properly installed irrigation system in place, you have to use sprinklers connected to a hose and move it around to try and water the whole lawn. When you are busy and working full-time, your spare time is already pretty limited.

By having a proper irrigation system installed, you get back that time. You also don’t even have to think about watering your lawn because the system can be set up with automatic timers to water your lawn with the right amount at the best time.

There are even smart watering systems that let you modify your watering schedule with your smartphone!

For a well-nourished lawn that’s properly watered, contact us today!

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